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We now proudly serve the Sumter, SC community and surrounding areas.


Andre Moore

Perspective Living

Andre is a caring and highly motivated Realtor. He is knowledgeable, ethical, patient and resourceful. Whether representing the buyer or the seller, he is known for his quality service, market knowledge, and professionalism. He has the expertise to navigate any transaction and the communication skills to ensure you’re fully informed. Andre resides in South Carolina’s metropolitan area and is knowledgeable of surrounding counties. He is a devoted family man and has qualities that are instantly recognizable. He has built a career on repeat and referral business. His track record has earned him the respect of industry peers and the trust of his clients. Andre uses his real estate expertise and his considerable negotiating skills to assist in the buying/selling process. He is uniquely qualified and excels in problem solving and is prepared for every possible scenario. His outstanding professionalism and friendly approach has afforded him the opportunity of keeping many of his clients as lifelong friends. Andre’s goal is to provide personalized service that culminates in satisfied clients on closing day.

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What Clients Say

Alfonso & Tamara Tindal

I would personally recommend Andre Moore to anyone who is looking to purchase a home now or in the near future. Aside from the business stand point, dealing with Andre was more like having a best friend that you can call on for anything. He made things as easy as possible. Andre guided me and my wife without any pressure throughout the entire process. Most importantly, unlike most people he actually cared about making sure our needs were met, which I will never forget. Andre Moore turns dreams into reality.

Antiqunette Dow

When it comes to Andre he is definitely a force to be reckoned with I started working with him in October and I was in my home at the end of November! He is personable, professional dependable, efficient, and honest. One of the many traits that I admire about Andre is when I was becoming stressed he kept me up to date with everything that was going on and as information became available he made sure that I was notified. I told him what I wanted in a home and he made sure that every aspect that I wanted was in the home that I purchased. I am so excited to have had him as my realtor and anyone that I run across that’s looking for a home he is the one and only that I recommend. If I could rate him on a scale from 1-10 he’d definitely be the number 1000 because he is off the charts!!!

Monique & Keneisha

Andre is the key to opening the door to your perfect home. He is a honest man of integrity, and his word is his bond. He is very professional and knowledgeable about the best practices of real estate. Andre combines professionalism with an unsolicited earnest interest in each of his client’s home buying process. There is never a bad time for him to be of assistance to you when you’re his client. As I watch other friends go through the home buying process, I realize how truly BLESSED we were to have Andre. He goes above and beyond, he makes suggestions that we never thought of, and he made we sure that we understood the entire process. We are extremely grateful for Andre, and he’ll definitely handle any of our future real estate needs.

Diane Jackson

Andre was instrumental in my home buying process. I reached out to him and he immediately began to explain the steps and offer guidance as I was nervous about purchasing my first home. He made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process and was always there with a quick response to any questions or issues that arose. Andre took the time to show me numerous homes in many different areas. Though the task of looking at so many homes was exhausting, Andre kept reassuring me that I would find the home that suited my needs. Andre was very supportive, patient, hard working, and honest. He kept in contact until I closed and represented my needs with the highest of standards. Andre genuinely cares about his clients and I would refer anyone interested in buying or selling a home to him knowing he would provide top level support to their real estate needs.

Alicia House

I don’t even know where to start! It was important to me that I not only get an experienced agent, but one that was readily available when I needed them. I chose Andre for his vast knowledge of the local market, while his experience, credentials, and reputation surpasses all the others. His desire to make every client happy is evident in everything he does. As I approached many obstacles in the path of home buying, Andre kept me informed and guided me right through every obstacle. I would highly recommend this driven, kind hearted, passionate, hustler to anyone and everyone who is looking to buy or sell. Hands down, he is the best realtor around!

Chalisa Jenkins

Dreams do come true when you have an educated and highly motivated realtor beside you. Andre Moore and I started as strangers. Within a year it became a friendship. Being a first time home buyer it was very scary however, Andre made my first time experience stress free. I gave him my preferences and he gave me my dream home. Even though i needed a little help to get in my dream home. Andre still guided me in the right direction. That’s when i became a member of NACA, a first time homeowner program. Andre was right beside me Every step of the way. Andre Moore is a great realtor to work with and i wouldn’t change realtors even if someone paid me too.

Amelia Leeks

Andre Moore was a pleasure to work with and very professional. He made time to show me houses that I wanted to see and he even recognized my likes and dislikes within the first meeting without me telling him. He explained every detail to me. I couldn?t recommend him enough for anyone looking for some peace of mind when buying a home! Step by step Andre treated this process as it was his house. He was great with negotiating closing cost and got me 6,000 which assisted with my buy down. I highly recommend Andre Moore without reservation. He is passionate, professional, and his perspective on living is above and beyond.

Cheby Brown

I can’t thank Andre enough for helping me accomplish my goals. He was with me every step of the way through the process. Andre is a professional and always available via text, phone or email. The first day I contacted him about being my Realtor he took me out to view some properties. Within a week we put a contract on my house. I have recommended him to several people and they also purchased a home with him as their Realtor. He will Definitely be my Realtor again if I ever decide to sell or buy some more property.

Jason Moore

This guy does an amazing job. He’s extremely strategic and extremely calculated. We placed an offer on a home that was rejected. Rather than overreacting, Andre simply asked “Do you want this home”, I respond “Of Course”, he said “Okay let me do my job lol”. He waited a week and presented the same exact offer. Within an hour the sellers excepted my offer. Within a month I was in my second home. Andre sold my previous home 6 months prior, like I said, this guy does an amazing job. Thank you Andre Moore.

Courtney Sims

“I knew very little about the home buying process, but Andre Moore helped me through the entire process when I needed it the most. Everything went so smoothly! I would definitely recommend Andre Moore to someone in need of an realtor. I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor. Thank you!”

Rashetta Gooden

My first time homebuying experience with Andre began 1 year ago with the sale & purchase of a home. All went very smoothly and Andre’s knowledge base of the area, diligence, and attention to detail made those transactions worry free. Andre was somehow able to always be one step ahead and ultimately see me through any issue. When the process seemed daunting, Andre was the eternal optimist and reassured me that everything would work out. He also was the seller of the home I purchased.From market analysis, contract negotiations, and doing literally whatever it took to get both deals done, Andre was outstanding in terms of his ability to make it happen !! We felt like family and like I was his only client. Highly recommend this agent and friend for your next real estate transaction. He is truly the BEST realtor in SC !!!

Latoria House

“Being a single mom looking to purchase a home, I went into it thinking the process was going to be stressful. With the help of Andre not only did he make it stress free but he was also knowledgeable and very professional. Andre was very prompt in answering any questions I had. As picky as I am he was able to find the perfect home for my kids and I. His knowledge and expertise makes him the perfect guy to go to. You will not be disappointed.”

Samantha Wilson

I would like to first give my Father above for his many blessings and My Realtor Andre Moore! I was at a stand still point in my life. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move forward to make that home purchasing. When I first reached out to Andre I stated… I’m almost ready give me a few more months. What I loved about him he didn’t applied any pressure to force me at that time. Andre said Ok just let me know when you’re ready. But When i reached out to him the 2nd time 6 months later. I said Mr. Andre today I’m READY…. He then rely ok let’s move forward refer me to the bank and set things up. Got approved instantly… Started searching but that 1 home he sent me I fell in love. I then stopped looking we moved forward with paperwork etc… Then it was a curve ball with paperwork but we both kept a positive response and didn’t give up with that answer.!! I then said what’s for me it will be for me.??? Then he called early that next morning to continue to moved on with the process. BUT GOD …We visit the home for the first time I said it’s mines…I’m claiming it. Well 45 days later ….I’m the NEW OWNER of that home ?! Thanks again Andre Moore I’m praying for many Blessings upon you and your business…

Kevin & Jackie Tandy

Andre’ was phenomenal! We had no idea as to how the process worked or where to begin. Andre’ was patient and took the time to explain in exacting detail each step of the process. He encouraged us that he could find exactly what we were looking for. We gave him our wish list and our budget and we looked at every available property in Richland and Sumter counties. We even looked at a few in Kershaw county. We changed our minds, called him in the middle of the night to discuss our frustrations with the process or just to vent and through it all he remained professional and courteous. Andre’ described the mortgage process, how our payment was not as important as the interest rate, what to expect at closing AND he found our home! As if that wasn’t enough, he brought in in under budget. I have since recommended him to friends who are in the market for a home and I do so without compunction. When I find myself in the market for real estate again, my first call will be to Andre’.

Sherrick & Ja’Rea Green

Andre was the best. He probably closed 10 or more other families that month alone but when he was with us we had his undivided attention. When he got involved he made things happen and I’m forever grateful for him. I recommend him every chance I get.

Andrea English

Where do I begin?! I’ve known Andre and his family for years! When I was informed that he had ventured out and became a realtor, I knew I couldn’t have found a better person to work with. Buying a home is stressful in itself, but finding the right home with the right person to help your dreams come true is a blessing! Andre not only helped me get into my home in a timely manner, but shared his wisdom and countless encouraging words! I can not thank you enough for being a great realtor, but an even better person! So you can stop the search, because you have found the BEST REALTOR around!

Charles Jones

I would like to personally recommend Andre Moore to anyone that is looking to purchase a home now or in the future. Aside from business, Andre has made me feel very confident with purchasing my home. I know I’ve made the best decision for me and my family. He has been very professional, honest, dependable, and caring towards me and my family in finding our home together. That’s how real realtors should be, just like him. Since then we have built a friendship outside of the business aspect.

Javon Mack

First, I wanna say Congratulations on how successful Mr. Andre Moore is becoming. I don’t know where to begin, but about two years ago I was wanting to buy a house. So someone told me about Andre Moore. The mortgage company didn’t do anything to really help me but wasted my time, then told me they couldn’t approve the loan. I got discouraged and didn’t even want to deal with the process over again so I continued wasting money renting. Over time I was paying down debt and making sure to keep my credit score going up. Last year I got rid of my truck because once thinking about it, I told myself you don’t need this it is wasting money. So I sold my truck and use that money towards other stuff. For years I always rode through a neighborhood and said I wanna live here one day. December 2017 came and I said I got a good job and deserve a house foreal now so I contacted Mr. Moore to get the ball rolling again. I started saving every little bit of money I could. So I started the process again going through Veterans United Home United. Me being the stubborn person I am took almost 2 1/2 months to find a house that I really wanted. Mr. Moore was sooo patience with dealing with me. He kept telling me about this house and I kept telling him no I didnt want to see it. So we went and looked at it and I feel in love and put a contract on it and gave my closing date. The process went so quickly and Mr. Moore did everything in his power to do everything I wanted done. I’ve worked hard all my life and done the right things so I can have the nice things I always wanted. Mr. Moore Thank You for dealing with my Stubbornness and for working so hard to get everything I wanted.

Trena Harper

Andre is the person to help you through the complete home buying process. I can’t say enough about how great it is to be connected to such a wonderful man. When I decided to purchase another home, My daughter told me about Andre More and I decided to give him a call. I didn’t know if I was truly ready to get started and he got the process going and took over from there. While preparing to close Andre lost someone very dear to him and he put himself aside to complete the task he started with me. I suggested that we hold off to give him time, but he insisted on moving forward. Andre is honest, caring, dedicated and knowledgeable so I highly recommend Andre: the best realtor assisting you even after closing in any way he can.


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Columbia, SC

1345 Garner Lane Unit 107 Columbia, SC 29210


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Affiliate of Medley Realty LLC


Contact Me

Columbia, SC

1345 Garner Lane Unit 107 Columbia, SC 29210

Call directly:


Affiliate of Medley Realty LLC